Minimalism / Less is more

In recent years we have experienced a continuous evolution in the world of Bartending, from the re-discovery of the great classics with Juleps and Punches by the glass to drinks served in glasses of all kinds due to the advent of social media within the environments; and in virtue of this, we can realize that everything changes.

Everything changes, yes, but everything remains the same; social media continue to be a very important element within a company and just looking at them we realize that today simplicity is winning.

Minimalism is an art form, a lifestyle that expresses itself by removing the superfluous and focusing attention on what matters; the dedication to the essential that is not only taking the place of the extravagant and decorated in drinks, but also in service, furnishings and approach and today we see it emerging in almost all the world.


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This change has led Bartenders to understand that limiting menu helps in organizing, a minimal project helps to organize the mind and the bar itself, using fresh ingredients and programming in a more methodical way and the discourse results in talking about quality vs. quantity.

This new style appears very simple in the eyes of people in the service, but it can be more complicated behind the scenes. A lot of new techniques and products have been introduced in bars because of the exponential growth of the last few years; they have started fermenting, clarifying, using different methods in the preparation of syrups, making infusions and new tools such as Rotavapor have been introduced and thanks to all that comes out of it, whether it is a drink, a product of distillation, a syrup or a product from fermentation, it speaks for itself.

Thanks to this trend, professionals are much more focused on ingredients and the exaltation of individual flavors, but simplicity does not necessarily mean using less ingredient. We believe that simplicity today shows confidence and respect for one’s work and is in correlation with the growth of the industry for research and development of sustainability.

¬†Sustainability is a point that is taken very seriously by Giovanni Bologna, from Radici Clandestine, a cocktail bar in the center of Caserta, Italy, which makes ‘Zero Waste’ the cornerstone for the construction of its cocktail list.

Minimalism – says Giovanni – is often confused with the trend of using linear glasses, clear products, no garnishes. Minimalism should be an approach to life and work that renounces superfluous things, exalting the necessary ones. And from here starts the research of techniques for the development of ingredients in as many forms as possible, with as little waste as possible. The objective becomes to exalt every single ingredient, exploiting it in all its potential. The approach to the cocktail list becomes focused on a few ingredients, preferably seasonal and local, and always inspired by history, which intersects each other in all recipes. “

“From Radici Clandestine we have a very strong focus on history, our roots, precisely. So every classic is studied in its most original form and expressed in the simplest form. The drink list is often inspired by the fruits and aromatic plants of the Royal Palace, the economic and social center of the city. The ingredients are exalted in their essence, as far as the form we aim at simplicity.”.

The ”Less is more” is now used as a motto by bars around the world, in Italy as in London, America, or Australia and anywhere else.

Simplicity is at the base of the various menus of the Scout, in London, today in 28th place in the classic The World’s 50 Best Bars, where the attention to minimum waste, says Marcello Toscano, is the basis of their concept.

Theirs is a conscious and sustainable operation, they are focused on foraging and the maximum exaltation of local English and seasonal products. From the foraged products are produced fermented and distillates, inside their lab, where flavors and fragrances are masters of the scene thanks to the use of every part of the ingredient that many other realities can see as waste.

They, like many other activities, show us that the hospitality world is moving in a much more compact and global way towards a more sustainable point of view that, according to studies and statistics, will have increasingly exponential growth in the coming years that will allow reducing negative impacts on the environment that have acquired in recent years an increasingly important role in choices and decisions; Simple, but at the same time complex for those who practice them, innovative procedures and technologies allow to increase the environmental performance of a small-medium enterprise, reducing the fixed costs of management and increasing the possibility to offer a diversified service at a competitive price for consumers who are more and more informed and attentive and we realize that a greener product also gives the possibility to expand the demand by attracting different target customers.

written by Pasquale Bergamo